Exploring mediums & convergence


The medium is the message? Trajectories of convergence?? I must admit, these topics are all quite new to me and took a bit of extra researching to explore deeper.. but I think i’m starting to get a grasp on them. Basically, i’ve gathered that media convergence is the coming together of different media forms. Take the iPhone for example; we can read the newspaper, view movies, play games and surf the internet all on one device… hurray for the advancing of technology! This allows us, the media audience, to upload or distribute information on one device in the blink of an eye really.
Also, another thing; we’ve turned many forms of old media into new media; for example the newspaper and being able to read it on our phones & computers, or not lugging around a radio anymore and being able to listen to it through our phones & computers as well! and not too mention we can access it anytime we like!!

The topic that really got me thinking and wondering about it is the ‘medium is the message’. McLuhan defines the medium as ‘an extension of ourselves’.[ http://individual.utoronto.ca/markfederman/article_mediumisthemessage.htm ]
We are more focused on the medium rather than the message being distributed. Different mediums provide different messages and different effects. Take the radio for example; what is the message? how is it delivered? the radio has no visual messages or engagement, it is talking at you, giving you an auditory message.

There are so many different mediums we can use to communicate with each other around the world. The internet is just so powerful! We can quickly communicate with people and express our opinions to the other side of the world within a few seconds. The media can definitely influence our thinking and opinions!
Anyway, i’m probably just babbling on…
Until next time!

Imgur url – http://i.imgur.com/2EaO0hL.jpg


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