Semiotics & Interpretation


Media texts can be read in so many different ways. Individually, we all interpret texts variously. Take advertisements for example…they are usually rich with connotations and semiotics .
The interpretation of this above image is filled with contrast, implications and pragmatics. The signifier of this image; a front view of a black and white photograph of a cigarette packet filled with colourful crayons, with the text ‘Do you want them to take after everything you do? Quit today’. This is obviously an anti-smoking advertisement – cleverly put together in my opinion.
My take on the signified of this image is the fact that children look up to their parents (or guardians) as influential role models. The colourful crayons represent the children, bright and young, and the black and white image represents the ‘dark’ and not so good connotations of smoking.  Youngsters look up to their parents as they are developing and growing up and think that smoking is normal and may develop those habits later on. I think this is quite a powerful advertisement text towards any parent smoker with children around.

We interpret media texts differently, therefor this image could be read in multiple different ways. Would love to hear how you would interpret this image!







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