Media ownership

Although we don’t own the media, we have do actually have a fair amount of control over it. We as audiences can view, publish and produce content on so many different platforms on social media. There are various types of media platforms about today, such as TV and the internet. There are also various types of people that own these media platforms. Let’s take Rupert Murdoch for example – a powerful media man. He is most well known for taking charge in News Limited and Chanel 9. He then took charge in businesses overseas, such as London’s Sun newspaper. Although he had quite a negative impact after a phone hacking scandal with News of the World,  by hacking into people of interests phones – awful right!? Providing us with morally wrong information to us audiences.

I personally use a fair few media networks, such as Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Google etc. Media has just become such a useful everyday tool for so many. Let’s focus on Instagram. Instagram is basically a photo sharing app. This app was originally  by Kevin Systrom, the CEO and co founder, but is now owned by Facebook. Although Instagram doesn’t sell our photos, they can be used as promotions for businesses without consulting you – this is how Instagram makes their money. Some of these advertisers have included Nike and Walt Disney co. For example, Instagram puts Disney photo’s on users photo feed. By using Instagram, we are sharing, publishing and producing content on social media to the public. I think it’s important who owns and controls the social media we use on a daily basis as they are not only constantly improving the way we use certain social media platforms, but also the way they use our information as well.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post,
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  1. itsbritters says:

    Hey Claire!

    I really liked the way that you looked at Instagram posts being used without the original poster’s consent or acknowledgement. I actually know someone who’s Instagram post was used on the GoPro Instagram page without her even knowing as they hadn’t tagged her, only mentioned her by name. I also liked how you looked at the phone hacking scandal from over in England as it was such a major event that no one could believe was happening – just shows that even the biggest media moguls can make a wrong move every so often.

    Another great post, looking forward to the next one!


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