New media and convergence

Ah, the great big topic of media convergence. In simple terms, media convergence is the coming together of new media platforms. It unifies information and communication technology, media devices and media content. The usage of the internet is continually expanding – this leads to different forms of media being readily available and easily accessible online. For example viewing the newspaper, reading e-books and journals online.

There has definitely been the coming and going of old and new media forms. New media convergence has definitely become a convenience to the every day digital media user. This youtube video was helpful to get a better grasp on the media convergence concept. Older forms of advertising, such as magazines, they’re slowly starting to get overtaken by online advertising instead.

Media convergence allows us to interact with people all over the world, at any time we prefer – it is so easily accessible. Most social media users also now have the control to post and produce content online, such as in the form of a blog post! There are also just so many ways to use a form of media; for example, lets say you’re dying to watch the next season of keeping up the Kardashians? media convergence has got you covered! We can watch it on television, online streaming on the computer, Netflix, tablets and so on.
Its bringing different media together for our own ease and satisfaction. We, as media users can control our content and what medium we use, and we can view many of these platforms on one device. Pretty cool!


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