We are users in power!

Convergence has been a popular topic lately! This week is more focused on audiences. I believe that convergence has altered the role of audiences in their interaction with different digital media content and platforms as audiences are in control of creating content, publishing public content and being interactive online.
Along with the media convergence shift is the rapid increase of content published by users… like you and me! We call this user-generated content (UGC). Instead of viewers we’ve become participators in online content, take reddit for example. An online social news/entertainment platform where users can upload and create content. These users can upload on subreddits such as gaming, explain like i’m five, ask reddit etc.. and can be viewed by other reddit users which can leave comments, upvote and downvote users posts. The internet has become a place for ammeters and professionals to upload content on media platforms, for posting blogs, articles, news feeds and many more! With this being said, there has been articles and speculation that UGC has had an impact on journalists. Citizen journalism, for example is the general public reporting and collecting bits of news and information. Does user-generated content make the public, journalists? Is it reliable?
By publishing and creating content we are actively participating in the media.
Let me know your thoughts on this down below!


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