Annotated Bibliography




‘Does social media impact on body image?’
This is a BBC article is about a women reflecting on her secondary school experience and how social media has had a negative impact on how her school peers viewed her body image. Social media has the power to expose people online to make them vulnerable to cyber bullying and negative comments about a person’s body image. Social media is one of the main ways people communicate with one another whilst sharing images and written posts. Being on social media often can make these exposed images that are retouched and photo shopped unavoidable. This has an impact especially on younger teens and they compare online images with themselves.

bodyposipanda @instagram by Megan Jayne Crabbe
Bodyposipanda is an Instagram page created by Megan Jayne Crabbe. Instagram social media accounts contain a lot of revealing images of the ‘perfect’ body and what is considered beautiful in today’s society. This Instagram account displays beauty from all kinds of life including multicultural persons, LGBT communities and includes images of body ‘imperfections’. As Instagram users grow, it’s important that there are positive networks out there promoting self-confidence and that body’s come in all shapes and sizes. As well as featuring different kinds of women, the page also posts encouraging quotes messages to empower women. I think this website is a great positive space for self-acceptance and building self confidence.

3. image of women’
This article explores what a person should look like in marketing and advertising, and how a small petite size is shown in most clothing or cosmetic adverts. A bulk of society, especially younger teens, considers a thin body attractive and a role model. This can affect younger teens and contentment with their own bodies. The article also goes on to say how a person’s ‘model like’ appearance can be linked to their social status and wealthy status. I believe social media models as well, as it gains pressure on them to maintain their social status and physical appearance.


Body posipanda website

On Megan’s website she talks passionately about the word ‘fat’, and how it used as an insult and made to make people feel shame about their body weight. The text goes on to explain how it can be used by anyone from family members to friends to a stranger online. Megan talks about her personal life and discusses that in the past, the phrase ‘you are fat’ had the ability to send her into a self hate frame of mind and feeling worthless. Going on to say that she still receives fat shaming everyday from the public by posting images of herself online. Megan also simply states that fat, or chubby shouldn’t be seen as a bad word, and that we should not be in fear of being fat.

9 Body positive social media campaigns that are changing how we perceive beauty both in and outside the fashion world’
This article includes 9 positive social media campaigns that influence how we view beauty and what is beautiful. Erin Fischer goes onto explain that the fashion industry has been an immense factor to body shaming, focusing on thin, white and photo shopped models. As time has gone on, these beauty standards have started to make some changes, such as the inclusion of plus size models, diversity in fashion. The internet is one big realm, and social media users are using it as a positive platform. Some of these images included in the article are plus size swimwear models, a campaign including women of all builds, and positive messages about body-love.

why do girls wear makeup?
Cosmetics has been around a while, ranging from ancient Egyptians to Elizabethans. Referring to makeup as ‘seasoning’ and a creative, theatrical element to it. Going on to say that women wear makeup to feel confident, some women feel ‘naked’ without it on, and some women love experimenting with all the endless colours and products of makeup. There are many different roles makeup can play in a person’s life, for example, making a person feel empowered and confident, enhancing natural features, such a covering up that unwanted blemish on your chin, and is even used as part of culture and tribalism. Also stating that cosmetic companies rely on women’s insecurities, from beauty standards floating around on the internet.


The power of makeup’ – Nikkietutorials
This popular beauty youtuber has created a video on the power of makeup. Nikki has created this video as she goes onto discuss that some people have felt ashamed to say they love wearing makeup and find it an enjoyable hobby. She goes on to say that she has been numerous times that she looks like a completely different person when wearing a full face of makeup. This video was inspired by a drag race TV show where one of the drag participants does half the makeup and leaves the other side bare. She starts off the video with a bare face and puts on a full face of makeup throughout the video, Nikkie covers up under eye circles, makes her eyes look bigger, emphasising check bones and over lining the lips to give the illusion of fuller lips.

‘Media exposure and the “perfect” body’

This article is about the unhealthy obsession with having a ‘perfect’ body image. Vitelli writes eating disorders and obesity are growing within the adolescent age group. With teens drawn to fad diets and an unhealthy mindset about physical appearance, this can lead to low self esteem or low self worth. Eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia are usually linked to bullying over appearance or from the media exposing images on what is a physically attractive body. I believe the media does a have huge impact on the way we view our individual selves, and how we compare ourselves to people we see in the media and their physical appearances.

‘Instafamous teen revealing ugly truth behind social media will positively impact women..’
This is a really interesting post about a teenager named Essena O’Neill who had a popular Instagram account. Essena’s Instagram consisted of photo’s of her modelling and posing with products in an exposing poise. Throughout her Insta-fame, she made around $2000 for each picture. She then started to reveal an ugly truth behind her popular pictures that falsely displayed a perfect lifestyle. She begun to delete some old images that she felt weren’t her or were false representations of her. Essena also goes on to say how many snaps it took to make her stomach look great and get the perfect poise. I love that she has come out to social media to state that it isn’t real life and it can give false representations of someone’s ‘perfect’ life.

‘You look disgusting – My Pale Skin’

This youtube video created by a beauty guru named my MyPaleSkin. This video is about experiencing hate and bullying for posting pictures of her bare face on social media. It starts off with her and she sits down infront of the camera exposing her bare self with real comments she has had about her bare faced appearance on the screen. She then begins to put on makeup throughout the video and is then surrounded by nice comments people have said when she is wearing makeup. The comments then go on to say that wearing a lot of makeup is misleading and a false representation of her. I find this video very powerful in the way that, in today’s media society, there is always a flaw to be pointed out or commented on, with or without makeup.




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