Craft & Digital Making: Glitch Art


This weeks topic was on craft and digital making. Craft and digital making is the art of making something with digital components; using experimentation, prototyping, discovering and refining. A digital craft i’ve come across to be quite fascinating is glitch art. When we think of glitch, we think of those bright rainbow lines across the TV or the annoying malfunctions whilst trying to watch Netflix. Artists intentionally refine these digital malfunctions and they edit digital data to create glitch art.


Here I have made my own glitch art online from an image glitch tool online. These are all photos I have taken personally and have edited. With this online glitch tool, I was able to change the levels of colour and how much glitch in the photograph I desired. Pretty cool right!?
Some ways artists approach their glitch art include circuit bendingdata bendingdata moshing and z-fighting.  An artist i’ve found interest in is Sabato Visconti. He uses tools such as PixelDrifter and manipulating data in photo files; all his images turn out pretty spectacular! Glitch art demonstrates the endless possibilities of creating and making in unique ways.



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