Remix culture

Remix culture is a culture using already existing materials and potentially new materials to create a new product. Remix culture is not only limited to music, there are possibilities to remix things such as, books, art, digital software, and even movies! People often remix to make something better, to improve upon, refine and rework. Take the Australian music artist Flume for example, he remixed a song by Hermitude “Hyperparadise”. Flume contributing and inflicting his own sound onto the track to produce a more upbeat version- this inspired me to create my own remix. I attempted to create a remix using sounds and rhythms I created on Garageband, integrating the sounds and the lecturers voice with different pitches and effects. Hope you enjoy!




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  1. itsbritters says:

    Hi Claire! I really liked the way that you decided to remix Ted from one of the lectures, it was really interesting to listen to how you changed the pitch and tone. I also liked that you started with a good definition of what remix culture is all about as it was informative yet concise. One thing I would suggest including is your opinion of how hard or easy it was to make the remix compared to what you think making an original track would be like to give an idea of what DJs and artists go through.


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