Workshop 1: Visual telegraph/ mediation and communication


‘SOS SOS. CQD CQD. Titanic. We are sinking fast. Passengers are being put into boats. Titanic’. This was the message our group received from another group. Groups went to either side of a location and decoded messages being sent across.
The group sending us the message created a form of morse code using body movement. Each body movement (such as arms over the head) represented a different letter of the alphabet. My group decoded this message quite smoothly as the technique of body movement was clear and effective. By having a piece of paper with each body movement and what they stood for. We individually wrote down the letters we received from the others and eventually made up the above message.
As a group, we sent our messages via hand signals. The amount of fingers we held up and what position our hands were in  (e.g hands placed next to ears or shoulders) would represent a letter.
What works well for visual communication is big and clear methods, such as body movements. The most difficult part for myself and our group was coming up with a method that would get the message across easily and effectively. To make the communication between groups work better would’ve been to limit the amount of ‘noise’ going on around us, and using a more clear way of communicating our message, as using just our hands was hard to see and unclear.



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