Communication Technology & Globalisation

Communication technology plays a big role within globalisation and how we communicate with different people and countries. Globalisation is global interaction and communication between different people, countries, businesses and governments. This is all mostly guided by international trades and investments. Globalisation can affect and impact areas such as political, environmental, culture, economics and so on, all on a global level.


Communication technology has advanced the way globalisation functions. It aids in information being sent and received quickly and efficiently. This technology advancement is a result of technological convergence.  Convergence has abled people to communicate quicker than ever. This can include using email, phones, television, computers etc. Using these technologies enables people to exchange information, sending research and data across to different nations. Brands, (e.g. brands like nike and fast food chains such as McDonalds) rely on social networking and communication technology to advertise and promote their products across various places as these brands are available in a large number of countries. Technological communication has also been an aid for quickly distributing news and alerts in real-time. This news can be distributed in real-time using platforms such as twitter, facebook and the internet as a whole. This technological convergence has aided in effective communication and advanced globalisation. Technological communication devices benefit a wide range of people and networks, it helps us communicate globally in social aspects,  economic aspects and even political aspects to name a few!


Links to sources used:–technology.html

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