Diaspora! What is it?


Diaspora! What is it? Diaspora can include any group of people migrating or travelling from a country or region. Diaspora represents the concept of having a main home from which a person disperses. For example, this can mean a person from India migrating to Australia, and experiencing a different culture. Diaspora can also include a person having multiple journeys across countries or regions. Diaspora is a newly evolved concept, growing beyond just using it to refer to the migration of Jewish groups – which is what diaspora was originally used for.
Let’s move onto diasporic media and cross-over cinema! The stereotyping of different cultures and communities leads to diasporic media playing an important role. (E.g. Do Australian’s really ride their kangaroo’s to school?) Diasporic media and cross-over cinema includes films such as ‘Slumdog Millionare’ (2008) and the Monsoon Wedding’ (2001) can play a role in facilitating migrant groups settle into their new environments and familiarising them with new cultures. Cross-over cinema can be seen as a hybrid style of film making, combining multiple different cultures into a film, making it multilingual. Diasporic media and cross-over cinema, such as these films, can aid to enhance individuals and minority groups going into a new environment and culture, to have a better understanding of the new world around them – it can create a sense of cultural belonging.

These certain types of films can represent different cultures in a positive way, by breaking them down to make it understandable for migrants moving into new environments.


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