Final Project Work

Artist Statement 
Claire Scroope
Materials used: digitally taken photographs transformed with Adobe Photoshop CS6

This artwork is a set of images transformed into abstract kaleidoscopes. The concept for this work was to take photographs of the natural environment and then manipulate them digitally to create an artwork containing iterative patterns. This artwork represents the idea of repetitive patterns and processes through Adobe Photoshop CS6. ‘Kaleidoscope’ not only represents repetition in the artwork but also the repetition we find in the architecture of nature. 
This work was inspired by Liz Harris’ repetitive configuration drawings, Brittany Wright’s photography and Vera Molnar’s untitled work as discussed in the lectures as they explore the boundaries of iteration through shapes and patterns. 

What works inform your idea?
Various amounts of artists had an influence on my artwork. These artists include Liz Harris (artist),  Brittany Wright (photographer), Vera Molna and Sol LeWitt. These artists explore purpose and big ideas through creating original iterative works.

What new insights/experimentation are you generating?
The insight and experimentation I was aiming for was to do something different and challenging for myself throughout this process. Aiming to experiment with technology and how I could use it to manipulate images to create a repetitive process.

What are your aims?
My aim for this work was to challenge myself through a process to create something original and to show my understanding of repeating a process to form a creative piece 

What are the obstacles?
Learning how to use adobe photoshop more in depth and becoming familiar with it was a challenge and a process. Taking some time to get used to the software and editing my images to how I pictured them to look. 



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