Curiosity Killed the Cat

Hi all!
This is my introduction post for BCM212. It’s good to be back and start a fresh new semester here at UOW. As a second year student, curiosity plays a big role in my studies. Curiosity connects to my learning in communications as it encourages me to be inquisitive and eager to keep digging deeper to find out new and interesting information and materials. As some say, curiosity killed the cat. Curiosity can be a fantastic quality to use to burrow and pull apart information, although being a little too meddlesome in other people’s actions could potentially get you into some trouble!



A curiosity example connected to my own learning is a TED talk i’ve recently listened too: ‘Are we alone in the universe?’. Asking questions about human life and the curiosity about life beyond Earth. Delving deep into the curiosity of science and evolution. This intuition Jill Tarter communicates and exhibits to the audience about ‘other life’ leads a great example in how I personally can present myself and delve passionately into communication studies and my researching with curiosity.


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