Research project running and on it’s way!

Misinformation has become prevalent online and is becoming more difficult for University students to get credible and reliable information for study. The aim of my research project is to increase student and public awareness of false information on the internet. I have developed a research question relative to misinformation for my project:

“What strategies are students using to combat misinformation online?”. My aim is to discover whether students are actively looking out for false information and using effective evaluative techniques to avoid false information.

The internet has become the main reason for deficiency in information (A.Koohang, et al. 2003). Non-credible sources usually contain false information and bias. With most internet users being a content creator, there is generally no accountability or fact checking.

My aim is to use a focus group as my source of getting data. I plan to conduct one focus group interview, with proposed questions such as: do students look at how current a piece of information is? do students look at the references at the end of the piece of information? What databases do students usually get their academic information from? E.g. this can include Google, Google scholar, library databases, Jstor or other.

My aim is to discover what strategies students are currently using when researching, and whether they are effective. Checking whether a source is credible, is vital for students when undertaking research tasks. I am wanting to discover if majority of students use effective evaluative techniques or if majority of student’s just get their information from the Google search bar.

I will be updating my results and evaluations on my blog and twitter – making it available to students the wider public to read the final results!

Koohang, A and Weiss, E. (2003) Misinformation: toward creating a prevention framework. Informing science. (online) pp. 110-115. Available at: (Accessed 16 Apr 2017)

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